Bacher and Co. was incorporated in 1938 as a general importer and distributor of consumer products.

The business started focussing on timepieces in the 1970’s when it began acting as an agent for many “old” South African brands. As other brands lost appeal, Bacher and Co. pioneered the sourcing of its own watch design and products and became the leader in unit sales with trendy in-house brand Tomato, Swiss design brand  Buren and the exclusive manufacturing and distribution license for Lanco.

Thanks to excellent foresight of the second Bacher and Co. generation, Guess watches were added to the portfolio in the early nineties, building the foundation for explosive growth into the new millennium. Today the company is responsible for the development, distribution and marketing of some of the finest global brands in the mid to upper price segment. 

Looking for genuine diversification, the company launched itself into the perfume distribution business in 2004. Today, ten years later, the Perfume division has reached the size of the Watch division and boasts major brands like Montblanc, Jimmy Choo, Ted Lapidus,  Dunhill and Ferrari.